Welcome to Peptinnovate, a drug development company developing a ‘first in class’ immune regulating therapy for asthma.

Our products have the ability to significantly advance the control and management of moderate to severe chronic inflammatory diseases, with the potential for immune regulation and remission.

We are working with leading respiratory pharma companies on elucidating more understanding of the efficacy of our molecule.

Our lead asset is in phase 1 clinical development to prove safety and efficacy.

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Our Vision

Lives without immuno-inflammatory diseases.

Our Mission

To change patients’  lives by developing and delivering first in class immune regulating medicines to control asthma and immuno-inflammatory diseases, no matter what the cause.

Immuno-inflammatory diseases

Immuno-inflammatory diseases, such as asthma, atopic dermatitis and inflammatory bowel disease, result from a poorly controlled or overactive immune response, and affect a large proportion of the population.  Immuno-inflammatory diseases are characterised by an increase in chronic inflammation which, if left unchecked, over time will lead to organ damage and loss of function. These diseases are often associated with increased morbidity and/or mortality.