Globally 242 million people suffer with asthma, a 32% increase since 1990

Current treatment

In the USA alone, one in 10 children and one in 12 adults suffer with the disease. According to Asthma UK, in Britain an asthma attack hospitalises 185 people every day – that’s one person every 8 minutes, many of whom are children.

Normal airway

Asthma – Inflamed bronchial tube

Asthma can be characterized by the following 2 symptoms:

Narrowing of the airway leads to difficulty in breathing and reduced airflow to the lungs

Chronic inflammation
An influx of fluid and inflammatory cells into the alveoli, where oxygen exchange occurs, leading to tissue damage and loss of function.

Asthma can be broadly classified into two groups depending on the main inflammatory cell types:

  • Eosinophilic: Characterised by a range of potential triggers of household allergens: House dust mites (HDM), pollen, pet allergens.
  • Neutrophilic: Characterised by increased levels of non-allergic inflammation which may be associated with pollution and viral infections.